More of the same… hopefully

Last week I started running in the afternoons to change things up and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t really a fan of it. I don’t like the slow start in the morning, I don’t like feeling rushed to get home so I can get my run in and still spend time with my […]

The 4 mile run is in the bag

Ok, first of all, I’m well aware that a 4 mile run is but a drop in the bucket, however, I haven’t run more than a 5K in 8 years, so I see this morning’s run as one of those seminal moments in my return to a healthy life style. I suppose that could be […]

Terribly lazy

No, not terribly lazy about working out, just terribly lazy about updating things here. Don’t worry, I’m collecting all the data, through the magic of my GPS watch/HR monitor, so one day I’ll get around to updating. The bad thing is, that cuts out the meat of the update, and the primary reason I though […]


Finished up “Body for Life” yesterday. Final tally, is 27.5lbs lost, which is a terrific start, but it’s just that, a start. I didn’t feel like working out Thursday, which was supposed to be an upper body workout, so I ended up just getting my bench max. It was 235lbs, which isn’t bad, but I […]

It’s a trend, I can’t update this thing on time

I missed the Monday morning update again, however, I have not missed a workout, nor touched a french fry (since I started this) or had any beer since my last update. I’ve been ramping up the intensity on the HITT, which now has me running 2.2 miles, it was below 2.1 when I started, but […]

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