Radio Silence

No clue why, but I just can’t ever really come up with much to say here. There’s nothing all that exciting going on with my training and to update about the every day training regimen seems self indulgent and like a waste of time.

Coming up tomorrow I have the Granite Grinder, which is a trail half marathon run out in Conyers at the horse park. I don’t really know much about the course, but from looking at the finish times last year and the elevation chart, it looks like it might be pretty challenging. I haven’t really done much distance type running since ING 3 weeks ago, so hopefully I keep the time below 2 hours :)

Speaking of runs gone by, since I last updated I finished the Red Top Rumble, an 11.5 mile trail race at Red Top Mountain, in a somewhat disappointing 1:30 flat. I ran out of steam the last couple of miles and was struggling to hang on. My performance there was just another classic case of going out too fast, but all in all it was pretty fun. I keep meaning to get back up to Red Top just to do some running for fun.

The other race I’ve completed this year is the ING Georgia Half Marathon, which I finished in 1:35. I’d hurt my ankle before the race, so I was worried about finishing it at all, but I managed to get through without too much drama there. I am a little disappointed with my time, but I very intentionally took it easy in the early parts of the race and finished feeling pretty strong and not feeling all that spent, which to me means I didn’t work hard enough.

In other news…

I’m thinking after this weekend’s half marathon I’m going to back off the distance stuff quite a bit. I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on it lately and my wife and I are expecting our second child in June, which I know isn’t going to leave a lot of time for disappearing on long runs.

I started Turbulence Training 2 weeks ago, and so far I like it. It’s far too early to tell what sort of results I may or may not see, but the workouts are challenging and it’s nice to think the off days I can spend doing fun things with my son, perhaps even some stroller jogging. No, I don’t plan to give up running completely, but I’m planning on cutting it way back. I’m hoping to fit in one 5-8 mile run per week so I don’t completely lose that stamina I’ve built up in case I decide I want to see if I can beat my times from the past year of races, or maybe even take another run at a marathon sometime in the future.