Ebb and flow, the fear and doubt assuaged… for now

I did tomorrow’s 4 mile run this morning, because work is a pain in the ass and I needed to get some stuff done early this morning (and I’m guessing tomorrow too). On the weekends, I’m Mr. Mom, which means it’s just me and the 21 month old from 6am-~8pm. That’s a situation that’s not exactly conducive to coding with the best of requirements, much less with what I have to go on. Of course, it’d be nice to know about the task before 10pm Friday night when the expectation is that I’ll be done by 1pm the next day, which, by the way, is a SATURDAY! Anyway, I’m straying from the point…

I felt pretty good on this morning’s run. Nothing like yesterday where all I wanted to do was stop. I think I did better regulating my pace from the start, which may be a part of the issue. I guess I need to start checking on the mile splits, to see if I’m starting way fast and crawling across the finish line. Today’s pace was 7:50 per mile, which is only a few seconds slower than yesterday, with an extra mile thrown in.

It’s not the different course, the first 2.25 miles are exactly the same, as is the last .75 miles, so it’s weird. I guess there will be ups and downs. I guess there always were, but time has erased those memories.

Onto a different topic, I’m doing a pretty poor job of keeping my “running log” updated. I think the main issue is I’m pulling that out of my iCal calendar on my work laptop, but 95% of the time when I’m messing with this blog I’m doing it on my personal machine. Yea, it’d be easy enough to port it over, but I’m lazy.

I’ve also been tracking things on mapymyrun.com with the intention of writing a cron to pull the rss feed and transform it with an XSLT, dumping the output I want on the file system here, so I don’t have to keep track of things in two places, but I just haven’t had time to do that. That way, the formatting will be nicer than I’m able to do parsing iCal output, and I save myself some work in the end. It’s that old “sharpen the saw” adage at work again. I’ll get to it eventually, like probably after the first couple of weeks of November.

Well, I’m rambling, so I’ll stop now.